In our monthly "After Lunch Changellizer" we will together explore topics that are relevant to leading through changes - both, personal and organisational changes.

In March we will focus on a model developed by Stephen R. Covey: the Circle of Influence and Concern.

Together we will explore how using that model helps us to look at our concerns, so that we can gain power over things that feel out of our control. And we'll see how that model can be used in particular while leading yourself and others through changes.

Together we will answer the following questions:
+ Why does it make sense to focus our energy our circles of influence & control?
+ How can we increase our circle of influence & control?
+ How can we apply that model in our reality?

Be prepared to reflect, exchange and have fun together!

From 1.30 - 2.45 pm CET you will not only learn something about leading changes but also practice some creativity techniques.


3. März 2021, 13:30 Uhr
3. März 2021
Anmeldung bis:
2. März 2021
Zoom & Miro (Links will be shared once you registered)

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