20 years later, the sheer size of our alumni network of such engaged thinkers, makers, and shapers leads to complex challenges. Therefore, we as an organization decided to appoint our alumna Anja Vorlop-Raab as General Manager to bring not only our organizational structure and processes but also our conceptual approaches to the next level.

Anja is one of the very first scholarship holders and a founding member of our association. Additionally, she has been actively engaged over the past two decades, even becoming member of the board last year. Because of that and because of her passion, leadership skills and well-structured approaches she is the ideal candidate. Anja strongly believes that our network needs to continue to offer significant value to all members, that the community remains strong while consistently growing.

The core of our association’s ambition is and remains to provide support to the current scholarship holders in the same quality as we received in the past. Through this we continue our success in creating a “give back” culture according to our statutes.

Please join us in wishing Anja every success in her new position. We look forward in delivering together on our promise of a #networkforlife.

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